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Venture into a colonial setting at Colony, an engaging new dining concept that will excite all epicurean foodies alike.
Colony's Culinary Experiences

Colony's Culinary Experiences

Journey back to a bygone era when Singapore was a British colony. With trade and commerce influence in the East Indies, discover the culinary journey and heritage that transformed Singapore.


Seven 'live' conservatory kitchens showcases the best of Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, Malaysian, Western and local dishes, bringing diners on a culinary journey through Singapore's heritage cuisines.

'Live' Conservatory Kitchens

'Live' Conservatory Kitchens

Excite your senses at our seven conservatory kitchens where you can watch culinary showmanship.


  1. The Ice Bar - A variety of crustaceans on ice, salads, cold cuts and cheeses
  2. The Grill & Rotisserie - A selection of Western and Asian meats grilled to perfection
  3. The Steam Basket - Asian noodles, soups and other steamed delights
  4. The Wok - Local wok-fried delicacies
  5. The Tandoor - Indian meats, seafood and breads cooked in a traditional tandoor oven
  6. The Fruit Stall - An assortment of whole fruits and fresh pressed fruit juices
  7. The Patisserie - A decadent selection of sweet treats
The Collection Cocktails

The Collection Cocktails

Experience a handcrafted specialty cocktail by Colony's resident mixologist, concocted to mirror the passage taken from Great Britan to the East Indies.


Available from SGD 26 per glass.